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I thought Progentra was a scam.You see, Progentra isn't the first male enhancement supplement that I've ordered online. Most of these male enhancers are scams, so I would plan ahead to order and then cancel, just to get a few pills for free. I ordered Progentra and by the time I took one, I could really tell that Progentra is a notch above everything that I've tried before. You would literally feel the kick of the formula in just minutes. Although it was my intention to get a few pills for free, I knew that I had to keep my channels open since I want to use Progentra long term. I didn't call to return Progentra. Thus, I phoned in to order a 3-month pack. Great job!

David Y.- Fort Worth, TX

I bought Progentra as a prank for my brother's birthday.YWe had a nice laugh, and to be serious, I didn't think he'd take the pills at all. A few weeks later, he asked me if I tried Progentra for myself, and said that I just bought it for fun. My brother said that I should try the pills myself and gave me a bottle that he ordered from the website. I did not expect what happened next - outrageous libido and extreme stamina. A few weeks later, I was 2 inches bigger. Can you imagine that?

Carl T. - Colorado Springs, CO

My husband absolutely loves Progentra.We are really sexually active, but most times, I'm in the mood more than he is. Not that it's really a disadvantage, but I know that my sexual appetite isn't similar to the typical housewife's sexual appetite. We experiment a lot, and Progentra is one of our experiments. He has an above average penis at 6.5 inches, and I never thought I'd want anything bigger until his penis kept getting bigger and bigger, week after week with Progentra! Now, sex is really amazing, and with him taking Progentra daily, I'm the one who can't keep up with him!

Anna H. - Chesapeake, VA

Progentra is my ticket to awesome sex.I'm 46, single, and never ever thinking of getting married. I have a couple of sex partners that I see once, probably twice a week, and things were regular, and kinda boring - until I tried Progentra. Taking that pill really kicked it up a notch for me. Having an orgasm is no longer enough. I want to have more and more until I quit from exhaustion. Not to mention that with the bigger penis that Progentra gave me, it's a lot easier to pick up girls and feed my sexual hunger. It's literally the most amazing thing I have ever taken.

Robert H.- Chula Vista, CA

The most amazing thing happened to me after taking Progentra.I'm the nerdy IT guy everyone stays away from in the office. I bought Progentra just for kicks to see if my penis can get really bigger with it. To my surprise, it got bigger earlier than I expected. In just 4 weeks, I was more than an inch bigger. It gave me the confidence to put the moves on one of the interns, and by the weekend, news spread in the office that I was 'hung'.No more nerdy IT guy. Just one really hung geeky guy that every intern wants to sleep with.

Lenny I.- San Francisco, CA

Progentra is intense.When I bought Progentra, I didn't really read the label, so I just took a pill while I was at work. At the time I didn't know how strong this stuff was, until I felt a massive erection in my pants. Now I see why you HAVE to take it in the morning, because by then you'll have your boner under control. I was stuck in my cubicle, scared to stand up or move, cold sweat dripping from my forehead, with the thoughts of banging my boss' daughter all in one hour. Intense, I tell you.

Coby D.- Riverside, CA

Progentra is the pill you want for massive erections.I've had it with the fake male enhancers. One time, I bought a 'popular' pill, and it almost sent me to the hospital. I read up on Progentra and was convinced that Progentra is safe. I bought a pill, and within minutes, I got a massive erection that wants to rip my slacks off. Plus, the 'magic' of Progentra is that it makes you feel good while having a massive erection. No erratic heartbeat or dry mouth that you usually get from the other pills.

Steve A.- Lubbock, TX

I knew my boyfriend was taking Progentra.My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, and with that, I know his anatomy in and out. I noticed that his penis was getting bigger and bigger every week. I checked out his cupboard and saw a bottle of Progentra with half of it gone. I checked Progentra online, and understood immediately what was going on. SO that's why he was always up for sex, and to be honest, he's gotten so good and so big, that I was getting naughtier every week. All that's because of this pill. Amazing!

Kelly E.- Scottsdale, AZ

Progentra is the real deal.My dad always told me that if it's too good to be true, it probably is. The only thing that changed that for me is Progentra. I read about Progentra on facebook, and when I read what people said about it, I thought - REALLY? I had to check it out for myself. I read throught the science pages, and found out how solid the formula is. I bought two bottles, and by the time I was through with one, I was thoroughly convinced that this one really works.

Chris W.- St. Paul, MN